Downloadable Print – I Want To Be Inspired

Jun 9

I’m always in search of some good inspiration, which “inspired” an Instagram post, which eventually this print. It features the word “inspired” handwritten by moi, and the text “I want to be” in a modern sans serif font. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again… write it down to make it happen. 

Cheers… to the weekend + freebies

Jul 31

Cheers to it being Friday. To celebrate the weekend, here is a free downloadable print that features the word “Cheers” in my handwriting, as well as “cheers” in different languages. Download the print today, and be sure to tag @jomygoodness and hashtag #jomgprints! Enjoy! **Be sure to check out the rest of the free downloadable […]

Friday Freebie :: Good Vibes Only

May 29

We all need good vibes. In keeping up with last week’s “Stay Positive” inspiration, I figured I’d keep up the good energy with this “good vibes only” print. It’s a faux gold foil print with custom lettering on a hand drawn black stripe background. It’s perfect for your desk or to hang on your wall. […]

Freebie Friday :: Stay Positive Print

May 22

We can all use some positive energy, so why not have a reminder on your desk with this super chic and modern print? The black “+” in the background and faux gold custom lettered (by moi) words saying “stay positive” is the perfect saying to keep you motivated throughout the day. Prove to your friends […]

FREEBIE FRIDAY :: Photo Flourishes – Triangles and Swirls

Dec 5

Happy Friday! To keep up the FREEBIE FRIDAY thing going, here are some photo flourish elements! If you’re savvy with Adobe Photoshop, Elements or Illustrator, you will be able to enhance your designs/photos with these flourishes. They’re simple and hand drawn (meaning one of a kind! Ha!). Enjoy! There are three designs, each saved in […]

December 2014 Wallpaper Download – FREE

Nov 28

It’s Black Friday, people! Yay! That means we just stuffed our faces and are looking for some deals. It also means Christmas is just around the corner and the holidays are upon us. I cannot believe how quickly 2014 has gone. To think, this time last year, I was 32ish weeks pregnant with Dominic. Let’s […]

Free Screensaver Download – “Hustle”

Nov 24

Remember the free Hustle Print I posted about last week? Well, if you were cool enough to download it, or if you prefer art digitally (for your smartphone or tablet), here is the wallpaper! Again, for FREE! Download the Hustle Wallpaper by Jomygoodness here!

Freebie Friday : 2014 Holiday Cards

Nov 21

As promised, here’s something free. It’s hard to believe Thanksgiving is just one week away. I don’t know where 2014 has gone. It’s gone by so quickly. Because some people like to get a jump on their holiday card sending during this holiday, here are some free printable cards that I guarantee are different from […]

Motivation with Free Downloadable Print — “Hustle”

Nov 17

I was in one of those moods to be motivated, so I created this piece. And guess what! It’s a free downloadable print. I think everyone needs a little bit of inspiration or motivation on their desk or wall. What motivates you? DOWNLOAD the “Hustle” print by Jomygoodness for free today! Kindly share your version […]

DIY Custom Ceramic Dish

Nov 14

I am on this doodling stink right now. I originally wanted to share some ceramic dishes I created to hold jewelry and other doodads in the bathroom with arrows and tribal designs to match my bathroom decor, but I decided to go with some doodling instead. I couldn’t come up with something catchy, so I […]