Jomygoodness Rebranding

Jun 02

In my last post, I shared the reasons behind the rebirth of Jomygoodness. With my current fascination with self-help books, I realized that I have always shared inspiration for different things — weddings, living room decor, nurseries — but never for my brand. <–BIG MISTAKE!!

How could that be? How could I skip such a crucial step? Because it IS crucial to do this, to avoid changing my branding and style every other month. So I put together a little inspiration board that I think best reflects my style, personality, design aesthetic… which I hope to use in branding Jomygoodness. 

How do you like it? Here is some explanation of my selections and my style. I consider my style: feminine (hence, the blush/pink color and flowers), classic + timeless (lots of black & white, clean lines, formal calligraphy with plenty of flourishes), and a bit carefree + fun (shades of seafoam/aloha blue, top knots and informal brush calligraphy). If “modern traditional” was a style, that would be how I would describe it.

I love typography & fonts! I really do. So, selecting the fonts that “best” represent my style + brand was a bit of a challenge. I limited it to Saveur Sans as my sans serif font because I love how modern and clean it is; Bellevue was my pick to add some sophistication and formality to the whole thing; my own handwriting (even though it’s not technically a font) because it makes it more personal and adds the informality (again, top knots!) to my brand. 

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