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read it

I received a copy of this book from Chronicle Books, and let me tell you… this book is informative and entertaining.  It’s by the authors of the Worst-Case Scenario series, Joshua Piven, David Borgenicht, and Sarah Jordan.  You should pick up a copy of The Worst-Case Scenario Survival Handbook: Weddings if you are interested in learning more about how to overcome some common and off-the-wall situations.

I found the book to be practical, useful, crafty, sometimes funky, definitely ingenious, and in some cases hilarious!  There are practical tips, such as “How to Survive a Honeymoon Disaster,” where one of the examples gave some tips on how to resolve a nasty sunburn.  We all need to know that.  It’s useful, in that it provides examples, such as “How to Repair a Dropped Cake.”  Now, that is something most would totally freak on.  It’s filled with craftiness with lot of DIY projects, including “How to Make an Emergency Bouquet.”  Who knew that pens/pencils, colorful ties, clear tape, scissors, and curling ribbons could solve that problem?  I thought some of the suggestions were kind of funky, like their tips for “How to Deal with Outside Disasters,” but seriously, what can your guests do if it’s scorching hot outside besides undress?  Lastly, I thought it was hilarious.  The funniest part of the book was the ending, where Thank You notes were discussed.  They actually came up with an equation to evaluate the value of the gifts received.  That’s right an equation.  Based on the scores, there are 3 templates available on which ones you should send (i.e., scores under 10 receive no note, scores 10-20 are bad gifts & receive “Note A”, scores 21-40 are good gifts & receive “Note B”, and scores 40+ are GREAT gifts & receive “Note C”).  Again, it’s hilarious.  I may post the equation one day when everyone needs a laugh.

Here is a sneak peek of what to do to make an emergency wedding ring.

Again, I would recommend this book if you’re interested in learning on how to deal with the hiccups and disasters involved with weddings.  You can pick one up from Amazon.


The Happy Book by Rachel Kempster & Meg Leder

by jomylene on November 18, 2009

in read it

The publishing house, Sourcebooks, Inc., sent me a copy of The Happy Book by Rachel Kempster & Meg Leder.  I first asked myself, what is this book?  What’s it about, and what will I get from it?  I’m delighted to let you know that it truly is a book that could lead you to happiness.  It’s filled with a number of exercises and activities that will help you realize what it is that makes you smile, excited, and happy. 

Some people (sadly, even me sometimes) can get caught up on all the sad & terrible happenings in their worlds.  This book allows you to look past that put that negativity behind you.  I love that it’s formatted like a journal, where you can paste your items within the book, doodle, and take notes. 


One of my favorite activities is Tru Luv 4-Ever!!!!!!!!!! on pages 130-131.  You remember being in class when you were supposed to be paying attention and taking notes, but instead you were doodling your future last name with hearts & flowers, or your initials plus his?  That’s what this activity is all about.  Although I haven’t gone through the motions of completing this activity, just thinking about it gets me giddy and makes me smile all over again.

Call it fate, or just call me ridiculous, but the press release copy I received from Sourcebooks was between pages 56 and 57, and the activity was to create the perfect guest list for the most perfect dinner party I could ever imagine!  What?  I told you it was destiny. 


Budget Weddings for Dummies – - Book Review

by jomylene on November 17, 2009

in read it

I received a copy of Budget Weddings For Dummies from Wiley Publishing, Inc.  I got a chance to check it out, and wanted to share my thoughts about it.  Face it, there are so many wedding planning books out there that cover any thing & every thing when it comes to weddings, from checklists and questions to ask, to inspiration and ceremony readings.


I unfortunately cannot give this book an actual rating because I have read so many books already, and in all honesty, it’s like any other wedding planning book in that it includes general wedding/event planning knowledge, as well as tips, advice, cautions, and insight based on experience from a former bride, who happens to know a thing or two about budgeting & saving money. 

Overall, this book was informative, with some helpful hints for planning a reflective event  without breaking the bank.  But isn’t that everyone’s goal?  It also goes so far as to explain how important it is to have a wedding that is not chintzy, but reflective of your personality.  It can be done, my friends, and she gives some help (if you’re willing to read it) on how you can!

Because I am an advocate for all brides to get a wedding coordinator (day-of at the very least), I didn’t agree with the author’s opinions on hiring a wedding planner.  (Don’t necessarily know the difference between a planner vs. a coordinator?  Check out Angel Swanson’s post on WeddingBee Pro).  The author, in fact, warns brides how “theoretically, a wedding planner’s job is to get you the best deal with other vendors so you can have the wedding of your dreams while staying on a budget.  Unfortunately, it doesn’t always work that way in practice” (p. 49).  She goes on to explain how these “recommended” vendors often pay fees to the planner to get on the list.  Sure, I may be sensitive when it comes to this, and I’m sure it may even be true in some cases, but not all planners charge vendors to get on the “recommended” list.  I know, personally, money or not, I wouldn’t recommend a vendor unless I had built a relationship with them well enough to “work” with the budget as well as trust them & their work.

What I do like is how she highlights her tips, advice to remember, and warnings.  It’s also so simple to go through the book and only utilize the parts you need to.  There is no need to go through the entire book to get assistance.  The index and table of contents are descriptive enough to help you navigate through the book easily (that’s what it’s there for, right?). 



 Wedding books are like people.  The skeletons are the same, but each have their one flesh & personalities.  The hope is to find one that suits yours!  This book is for those analytical personalities with practical lifestyles.  It is extremely informative, well-organized, and gives the insight from an award-winning journalist (Meg Schneider). 

Order your copy on Amazon

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I received a copy of Joe Buissink’s Wedding Photography From the Heart from Random House.  I am obviously not a photographer or aspiring wedding photographer.  I am in no way (no how) a wedding photography expert by any means, unless, of course, you consider wedding photography blog stalking as means for qualification.  

Joe Buissink is a talented photographer, who has shot the weddings of  Jennifer Lopez, Christina Aguilera, Kelsey Grammar, Christian Slater, Angie Harmon & Jason Sehorn, Lauren Holly, Christina Applegate, Rebecca Romijn, and many, many others.  He is highly sought-after and has decided to share his techniques, advice, and what inspires him.  


To view his portfolio, visit Joe Buissink’s website.  I guarantee you won’t be disappointed, and you will walk away completely & utterly inspired.  The images below are pages from his book.  You can find out more about his book from Random House, or buy it from Barnes & Noble.  

I highly recommend this book to any wedding photographer, both experienced & novice alike.  I think it’s perfect for anyone with a passion for photography – - wedding or not – - since it gives one of the America’s Top 10 Wedding Photographer’s perspective, insider tricks, secrets, and advice.  It is also handy for any engaged couples.



Another late Week In Review, so I apologize… but I realized that posting later on Friday is actually better {because I don't feel as stressed to put something right away}, so this can be your Saturday read.  Plus, it lets me include Friday posts.

Monday (2/9/09) ::   The Hostess with the Mostess, Jen Sbranti, shares some cute + edible desserts that you may be too apprehensive to eat {because they look so good}, but can't resist {because they look so good!}.  Jen Ramos has something new that she's offering in her etsy shop.  They're butterfly fabric prints.  I think they're ingenious + lovely.  I may have to order one or two for me!  Photo below of some sample work… courtesy of MadeByGirl, of course!


Eddie has been MIA lately, since his recent move, but I just had to show you my new WANT, that you may think is totally weird.  I posted in last week's WIR that I wanted that MS closet of goodies, and this week's odd + random want is from Eddie Ross's butler's pantry.  I want to have my own collecction of this stuff + organize it like this too!


Tuesday (2/10/09) ::  Joanna was super-super busy on Tuesday, with not 1, not 2, not 3, but 4 {yes, that's right, FOUR!} posts… which I find all inspiring.  The first is some inspiration for Indian weddings/events, where she features the work of Michelle from Lemiga Events in Atlanta.  Then, there's the Modern Island Style Wedding that she found on Style Me Pretty.  Thanks for finding+sharing, Joanna!  The third + fourth both involve flowers… the calendar + flower vase that she has discovered and an announcement about the Orchid Show at the NY Botanical Gardens!  I wanna go!  Are you looking to get involved + contribute in some way to a wonderful cause?  Jen Sbranti introduces the opportunity of contributing to the silent auction that will benefit St. Jude Children's Research Hospital brought to us by Let's Eat Cake.  Discovered a new blog today called YourWishcake from my new friend Lauren of Flightless Bird.  I almost had a major accident when I read her post.  Although it was light, but somewhat serious {definitely inspirational}, she mentions how she was drinking during the TV show Intervention {if you haven't seen it, it's a reality show that does interventions with people whose families + friends issue ultimatums for them to clean up their lives}, and I lost it!  It's a blog I will be reading regularly.  Another new friend, Kimberly, of InspiredGoodness {I swear it's JMG's blogtwin} has a guest blogger post a DIY project featuring farewell flags that I am definitely going to copy + try {although I'm still trying to wait for the perfect time… birthday? flag day? 4th of July?  we'll see…}


Wednesday (2/11/09) ::  I'm loving the Japanese Inspired Theme for the Emmys that Joanna spotted.  I love inspiration boards, and this one is by Ms. Stiletto on Weddingbee.  It has the b+w motif going on… and a damask pattern!  Well done! 


Thursday (2/12/09) ::   Kim of InspiredGoodness shares some eye candy she spotted from another site that involves polka-dots + a color palette that includes shades of pink, peach, + coral.  Thanks to Kim for finding it on Claremont Road {loving that blog too!}… and the chain continues!  {I love giving kudos to those who deserve it!}  Lots of inspiring photos for a Pretty In Pink baby shower that HWTM mentions.  She displays {+ describes} the creative work of Amy Belle of  Stem Parties.  Surpirse, surprise… I have a new WANT… seriously!  It's an absolutely, I have to have, or else I'm going to die WANT!  I saw it on Weddingbee, where Ms. Perfume posted about her frustrations in picking her engagement ring!  Drool!  Thanks, Ms. Perfume… I already commented about how jealous I am.  =)


Friday  (2/13/09) ::    Tips on how to set the mood for a Romantic Dinner for 2 on HWTM… from decor + music to food + activities {clean thoughts!} to set the "mood" {I wish you could hear me say it out loud… it's like Sebastian–the tiny crab–from The Little Mermaid!}  Lauren gives us a play-by-play of her cupcake project {with the actual recipe} in her post "Cupcakes are Love!", which will surely make for good treats this weekend.  Thanks, Lauren!  Joanna is so sweet to have posted a Happy V-Day wish!  I just had to steal borrow the photo, because I think it's pure awesomeness {my new word!}.  The photo is by Duncan + Melany Berry.  Beautiful… and Happy V-Day to all!


More well wishes for this holiday, but this time from Eddie Ross.  I seriously {heart} him.  Please tell me that you're not inspired by this photo… so we can talk! 


In this post, I have mentioned Lotus Haus, MadeByGirl, EddieRoss, Weddingbee, Hostess With The Mostess, YourWishcake, Flightless BirdStem PartiesInspired Goodness, & Claremont Road.  These WiR are very labor-intensive {or I'm just being a little whiny}, but I'm sure you enjoy MORE photos + more references!  Sorry it's soooo long, but I am finding more + more!

P.S. : On a side note, a few things in store for next week: at least TWO subscription reviews {Food & Wine – February + March 2009}, plus a review on the Real Simple Weddings 2009 issue!  Cha-ching!  Happy V-Day!

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